Sanford Main Street was originally founded in 1996 and sadly went defunct in the early 2000s. Our community identified that becoming a Main Street again is excellent what we needed and our rebirth began in 2019. Through the guidance of our past and the support of Florida Main Streets, we were able to re-establish and begin the work of the 4 point Approach Main Street is known for.

We have used these guiding principles to help achieve our vision


Organization involves building a framework that is represented by business and property owners, bankers, citizens, business associations, and public officials. Everyone works together to see revitalization occur.


Promotion creates excitement for the district. Street festivals, parades, retail events, and identity development are ways to encourage new customer traffic. Promotion involves marketing an enticing image to investors, shoppers, and visitors.


Design enhances the attractiveness of the business district. Historic building rehabilitation, new development, street clean-up, banners, landscaping and lighting all improve the physical setting of a business district as a quality place to shop, work, walk, and invest.


Economic Restructuring involves analyzing market forces to develop long-term solutions to revitalization. New businesses, creative use of space, and sharpened competitiveness are outcomes of a more vital business district.

Our team is dedicated to making the vision of our Main Street a success. We have cultivated volunteers and have an active board of directors that help to achieve these goals for our community.

Message From the President

Welcome to Sanford Main Street. I am honored to be heading up an amazing team of community leaders that are dedicated to a beautiful vision for our Historic Downtown Sanford destination. We have many assets in our Main Street, but my favorite one is the community. It is so hard to describe the feeling you get while Sanfording, but all I can tell you is that it is a sense of place.

Sanfording can be the BBQ in the backyard of your historic bungalow, bringing your dog to your favorite outdoor biergarten, taking your children to the park, volunteering at a street festival, or dancing the night away to great local music. We have this amazing sweet spot of being sincerely historic while adapting to the world around us that still stays connected and full of life. 

I’m so proud of the progress we have already made in the last twenty years and I can’t wait to see how much we will continue to grow together. So please come experience Sanfording with me and help us share this experience with generations to come. 

Mission Statement

Sanford Main Street’s mission is to preserve and enhance the historic charm and integrity of our community, while encouraging local spending, tourism, and a sense of community, which will improve the local economy.


Board of Directors

Christina Hollerbach

 (President )

Paul Williams

(Vice President )

Troy Antonik


Mary Moskowitz


Alex Williams

(Board Member)

Carralyce Buford

(Board Member)

Mary Penn

(Board Member)

Bobby Clingan

(Board Member)

Maguire Wise

(Board Member)

Joe Dalton

(Board Member)

Pam Lynch

(City Liaison)

Karen Aplin

(County Liaison)

Committee Chairs



Troy Antonik


Christina Hollerbach

Special Events

Dustin Giörtz


Christina Hollerbach

Economic Vitality

Pam Lynch

Food and Beverage Alliance

Christina Hollerbach

Mercantile Association

Maguire Wise

Marketing & Promotion

Will Henao